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How would you like to be able to look at a fretboard and know exactly where every note is without having to think about it?


And how would you like to find
where every note is in ONE DAY by memorizing ONE simple technique?


I know that sounds incredible, but...


That's exactly what this guide will do for you.

And that's by learning just one of my techniques.

There are a total of six easy memorization techniques

that will help you to

Master the Notes on the Fretboard

in record time, guaranteed!






No One Else Is Teaching These Techniques
And They Will Work For YOU - SUPER FAST!

I personally guarantee it!


Hi, my name is Rod Martinsen. I started playing the guitar when I was 12 years old and I tried many times over the years to memorize all the notes on the fretboard but every method I tried was just too tedious and boring so I never stuck with it. I just wanted to enjoy playing my guitar, not turn it into work.

Then one day while driving my truck (I drove a big rig 10 hours a day) I started to think, "There has to be an easy way to memorize every note on the fretboard without holding or looking at a guitar. Something I can learn while driving my truck."

I thought about it all day long for several weeks and in that time I came up with a couple of techniques that were so easy to remember and working so fast I was literally bouncing up and down in my seat with excitement!


Total Beginners Can Learn SUPER FAST


In fact, to prove to myself that anyone could learn these techniques, I sent my wife a text with one of my "Note Codes" and asked her to memorize it. She texted me back saying, "Why?" and I said, "Because it's important to me, please?" I told her that I would explain when I got home and she said okay.

Now, you need to know that my wife knows absolutely NOTHING about a guitar except it has six strings and she likes to listen to it.

Anyway, when I got home I asked her if she had memorized the code and she recited it to me. It was just a simple 5-digit code like a zip code.

I told her to sit on the couch and I went and got my guitar, placed it in her hands and explained how the code works. She then played the code and looked up at me like, "What?"

I excitedly told her that she had just played every B note on the guitar.

With a funny look she curled her upper lip and said, "Is anyone teaching this?" I told her that no one was and how I figured it out while driving my truck.


Who can learn these techniques?


***Even if you have never picked up a guitar before***

***Never knew that G was a musical note***

***And never knew that a G-string is actually one of the strings on a guitar***

I can teach you one simple technique that you can memorize without even holding a guitar and once you have it memorized, put a guitar in your hands and you will be able to name every single note on the fretboard without looking at a chart or graph or anything else to help you!



My Methods Are Literally Magic


I have been getting nothing but rave reviews from people who have learned my techniques. Guitar players who have tried every other method out there for memorizing the notes on the fretboard say that my methods are literally magic.

Total beginners are amazed at how easy and fast they are able to learn every single note.

No one should ever start learning to play the guitar without first learning every note on the fretboard. When you know every note on the fretboard you have the greatest advantage possible for learning to play the guitar, no matter what style of guitar you want to play. How fervently I wish I could have learned these techniques when I first started playing at the young age of twelve.

And what amazes me most is how easy and effective they are. These techniques can be learned and practiced without holding a guitar in your hands so you can take advantage of your mind at idle times. Practice while you are driving, walking, jogging, exercising, eating or anytime that you can use your brain for what you want.



I just wanted something easy


I searched far and wide for someone to teach me an easy way to memorize the notes but they were all tedious, boring and repetitious practices.

And none of them would be suited for the absolute beginner who knows nothing about a guitar.

I even bought courses that guaranteed fast and easy results.

  • One had 32 learning exercises
  • Another had 21 so called "Easy Steps"
  • And one was an ebook with 62 pages of information to help you memorize the notes.

62 pages?


I didn't want to study a book; I just wanted something easy to help me memorize seven simple notes on six strings over twelve frets.







What are the benefits of knowing all the notes?




Fast & Easy

Best of all, it won’t take months of practice to master the fretboard. This guide is only 14 pages long so you will see from day one how powerful, yet easy this system is and you will know without having to read through page after page of boring jargon that with these simple techniques YOU will master every note on the fretboard in record time.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned guitar player like I was who didn’t have every note on the fretboard memorized, this guide is for you. It’s simple and short so you can learn fast. Only six easy techniques, two of which I am sure will simply amaze you, especially since you can learn and practice them without holding a guitar.

My wife was amazed by learning just one part of one technique and she has no desire to learn how to play the guitar.



What you get with this course.

1. Rod's Guide To Fretboard Mastery PDF
2. Video instructions for each technique
3. Practice along MP3 audio files
4. Printable flash cards to speed up memorization
5. Full 1 year money back guarantee



Just read what a few people who have learned my techniques have said:











Start learning just minutes from now!

With this system you will learn to master the fretboard in record time and I know you will agree that it is worth far more than I am charging for it.

The cheapest guitar lesson I ever took was $10.00 for a 30-minute session and that was in 1980. In my opinion you will take away more from this guide than you would take away from twenty or even thirty $10.00 lessons.

Thirty $10.00 lessons would cost you $300.00. But I’m not asking that much.

Heck no!

Not even $100.00.

I am not even asking for $40.00 which is less than five $10.00 lessons, and to sweeten the pot, I will give you a full 365 day money back guarantee. If at anytime within that 365 days you don’t feel this guide is everything I say it is, simply ask for a refund and you will get it, no questions asked and you will still get to keep everything including the bonuses. You have absolutely nothing to lose and total Fretboard Mastery to gain.

These techniques are the simplest you will find and they are not taught anywhere else. I personally guarantee you will not find an easier, faster way to master the notes on the fretboard.

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